This is me...or is it?

Do you wear makeup? I don't. I don't have the talent for applying it, nor the time or general inclination to paint my face every morning.

My little sister got married on the weekend and I was one of 6 (yes 6) bridesmaids. So for the first time ever I had my makeup done by a professional. I also had my hair styled for the first time since my wedding 7 years ago.

I took this photo myself, and yes I overexposed it and tinted it to make it look better. I could barely look at myself in the mirror, it felt a bit weird, you can't tell by this pic but it was quiet bronze where I am generally a very pale person.

I spent 2 nights away from the kids, first time ever away from my youngest overnight. I missed them so much, even if they do drive me crazy sometimes they are so important to me. I feel short of breath without them.


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