A baby!

Yep its semi-official, we are having a baby. I say "semi" as we haven't officially told family yet. We told the kids last night, I sent my mum an email today (lol), and I figure the 2 big kids will tell my MIL today whist they are out together.

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. I have been sick (oh, so sick), tired and of course this is number 5 so life is pretty busy already. Bubs is due late October, only 2.5 weeks after my first niece or nephew is due :). Very exciting to be sharing this with my little sister.

I mentioned before I was torn about having another baby. Our lost bubs EDD came and went over Christmas 2010 and after that I felt like trying for a month or 2 and if it happened then great.

Our youngest will be 3.5yo when bub is born, the others 5.5yo, 7yo and 9yo. It is such a big gap for us, although I know its not huge, I am not sure that I could go "back to baby" after any bigger gap.

I am lucky, I am sure I will complain about pregnancy discomforts, I will stress about the labour and birth (thats right it hurts!!!)............but I know that all going well I will enjoy more than anything holding my newborn child in my arms and sharing him/her with my husband and its siblings.

Thanks to those online friends that have offered congratulations and support for this pregnancy.

An extra huge hug and thanks to those (like Tracy and Trudie) who offered me words of support since the loss of our last bub. xoxo



Again I have had a long absence...

I am feeling nervous....excited....terrified....estatic....scared....

Wish me luck and think of me this week...fingers crossed next week bring good news for me and my family.