Size 2 Shorts - Light Weight Denim with Tree

I made DS#3 (21mths) some more shorts today. I was clearing my sewing area, which has been taken over by our dining furniture during our renovations, and decided to make something. I used some soft denim that I bought at spotlight a few weeks ago and a tree from some IKEA fabric I bought in April.


The tree has been pinked around the edges and zig zaged, no bonding stuff was used though so I hope it doesn't fray. I decided to use the white thread to outline the darker green area to bring it out a bit more.
They fit DS#3 really well and he will be wearing them tomorrow, with a green shirt, when we go to see my family for our Pre-Christmas lunch.


A Skirt for my Daughter - Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fabric

I thought I would give drafting a pattern for a skirt a go, I took all my daughters measurements and came up with this skirt.

It fits her really well, and best of all, she likes it!! So of course she wore it straight away and I didnt get a photo. I think that that next time I will change the waist section by adding a *little* more in width, just to allow for a bit more growth.

My gathering leaves a lot to be desired on this one......I have read that using the walking foot can stop the gathers from shifting so I may give that a go next time.

I will write a little "how I did it" post with the next one I make.

Thanks for reading.



Finshed Scrap Bunting and Gracie Top Alterations

I decided to use some white drill I had here to bind the scrap bunting that I made.

I think it turned out cute and seems I wasn't sure what to use it for I added it to the gift I was giving to a friends daughter.

I also had to fix up the Gracie Top I made for her so I could drop it over today. I ended up cutting the straps, turning and topstitching and then added some orange resin snaps at the back. I really hope it fits!

I also used a little swing tag with "made by hayley" written on it.



Bunting - Getting started.

I am making my daughter some bunting for Christmas. I thought it would add some colour and fun to her room.
I decided on 25cm triangles, for no other reason than that I thought they would make a good size, lol. I made the pattern from a piece of paper (top right of the photo) and got cutting. I used my new CHEAP rotary cutter and not so cheap cutting mat.
(please excuse washed out flash photo)

After cutting the triangles (stack top left of photo) I was left with a few half triangles. I figured I would use those for my first try at making the bunting. So I matched them up, sewed them into larger triangles and then sewed two together (they are patterned front and back).

I only had enough for 5 double sided flags but despite my worries about it looking a bit too much, it actually looks OK (I think). I am not sure what I am going to use these five for as they are a little smaller than the others that I will be using (because of the centre seam). I still have to make some bias binding or buy some ribbon.....not sure wat I want to do yet.

I am planning to applique my daughters name on a few of the triangles, I am thinking that if I cut some denim and then applique with the Amy Butler fabric her name will stand out more. I think that will make it more personal and special for her.

I have a few days with 4 kids and no hubbie so I am not sure how much I will get done this weekend, but I plan on trying.



Portabellopixie Gracie V-Neck Top (Dress) - Size 3

I finally washed all the Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric that I bought, and what better way to first use it than to make a girly, frilly, dress.

A friends daughter turns 2 on the 6th of December, she had her party this weekend and I went to empty handed as I just didn't get the time to make anything, so I sat down yesterday and made this dress..................

A Portabellopixie Gracie V-Neck top/dress in a size 3 (she is tall for her age) and thought I might make some shorts for under it if I felt it was necessary.

I really like it, I lined up the trees for the top tier, and the flowers for the bottom......all was well in the world, until I had it all together and went.........hmmmmm......I don't think its going to fit.

So I thought, my 3y9mth old is short for his age, I will try it in him.........nope didn't even go over his head. OK OK, I will try it on my almost 21 mth was a bit of a squeeze to get it on but it went on and fit him well (just a little long in the shoulder straps).

The thing with this pattern is that it has no fastenings, it is made to go over the head but in all seriousness I don't think they tested the pattern . As with the child's arms over their head to get it on the bodice is not wide enough to fit over.

So anyway......I am I try to alter the straps so that the dress can be slipped on and then be fastened? Or gift it in the hope that it fits her? I don't think I want to gift it as is incase it is too small and never gets worn.

If I make this version of the Gracie pattern again I will be altering it to have fastenings on the back of the bodice or on the straps.



Shorts - "Maxfield" Fabric

I just made a pair of shorts for my DS 20mths, well truth be told they were going to be for my DS 3.5y but he didn't like them (wants black ones apparently) so now they are bubs.

They are size 3, still need to tweak the waist (rise height) but they look OK on.

I plan on getting a white shirt to applique with one of the geometric prints to make the matching set.

The fabric is "Maxfield" Alexander Henry Fabric Collection. I really like that it is boyish without being trucks, camo, or skulls.


A Present- Size 1 Shorts

I made these for a little girl who turned 1 this week, I hope they fit.

They will sit around knee length.

I ended up buying this shirt to go with it from K-mart, it is lovely, not hand made but matches well IMO.

AND I used my tags for the first time!!! Silly I know but it is exciting to me, now to make up a few pairs for the boys.



Portabellopixie Gracie Round Neck Jumper - Size 6

I started this outfit this afternoon, a Portabellopixie Gracie Reversible Round Neck Jumper. The body came together really quickly, the pocket as well, but the is fiddly, and only the second time I have done it. Please excuse the bad photo, "the baby" is asleep in my room so this was a quick photo taken in the dark, lol.

The patterned fabric is a Moda quilting cotton and the pink is a simple cotton poplin.

I still have to:

  • finish the neckline with bias binding
  • hem
  • snap the back, the pattern calls for buttons, but I have a love hate relationship with buttons. Plus using snaps really does make this properly reversible.

I am really liking the look of this one :)




Lots of buttons, lol, I spent $10 at the local samartian store and this is what I got...

I don't know how many there are, but there are heaps! A range of colours and sizes that will be great to have, and so cheap.



Midwest Modern

I got the most amazing parcel today.....

29 Yards of Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric (27 different prints). It is really lovely! Wonderful prints, beautiful colours...they are colourful but not too bright, more soft if that makes any sense.

What am I using it for? Well......decorations for DD's room, bunting, curtains, a cushion or two. Possibly some special clothes.

After buying this I was searching and came across the Mod Kid blog, OMG, her IKEA post, showing her sewing area has me totally jealous.....I think some of her fabric is next in line for purchase.



Note Book Cover and Quilt Block

A quick post from me today as I am supposed to be doing other things right now.

I have decided to try my hand at making a quilt....a scrap strip quilt. Here is my first (30cm square) block. Tute is here.

Apparently by using the beige colour consistently through the quilt, forming diamonds, it will make the quilt less scrappy.....time will tell, lol, I dont really care as I am sure my daughter will love it for her dollies no matter what.

I have also made a note book make carrying a cheap little notebook around a tad more stylish. Tute is here.

Also my first go at self cover buttons and Yo-Yo's.....needs a little work but overall I am happy with it.



Upcycled Pants

I have had a few hours with just one child today, sadly that one child is sick but luckily he is somewhat happy enough to go on my back while I sew (for a little while anyway).I bought some clothes from the fill a bag for $2 rack at my local Samaritan store a while ago, I made sure I got a few pairs of large men's pants to make into shorts...or longer pants as these turned out.

The first pair, made from cotton cord with light weight cotton hem and pocket, are ummm.....dodgy. I added the green before I made them up which made the side seam sewing go all the way to the edge, iykwim. Not perfect and sewn with white thread as I have no navy thread and by black is MIA (I am sure I will find it later today). They fit my youngest, who is 19mths old as pants.

The second pair, made from light weight cotton and a men's dress shirt, are much better. I added the cuff at the end which is much nicer although still not perfect. The pocket, which was picked off the front of the shirt, looks great. These all fit as long pants, good for keeping the sun off, they will also fit my 3.5yo as long shorts.

The pattern is one that I have been working on......I am trying to draft a pattern that fits a wide range, say from 9 mths till 4 years.....very ambitious I know for an amateur but hey its fun (if a little frustrating).



A Beautiful Chair

Have a look at this....

Isn't it stunning! I picked up this at our local Samaritan store for $60, which I think is a total bargain, I have a feeling DH wont be so sure, lol.....

There are a couple of small tears in the fabric...and it is a little marked, I plan on getting it re-upholstered some time in the future but for now it will sit in my room near my sewing machine.

I think that it will end up a textured grey.....maybe charcoal, maybe a warm mid grey, maybe damask.......with all my planning for our home renovations (that will start when council gets their ass into gear) I am dreaming about colours.



TAFE - Applied Fashion Design and Technology

I am considering doing a certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology (following on to Cert. III) at TAFE next year....well technically not AT the TAFE, I would be doing it by correspondence.

From the course information:

This course is for people who want an introduction to basic design and development skills and knowledge to prepare them for work in a creative and production oriented environment within the fashion industry.
Depending on the electives selected, you will learn about different aspects of the fashion industry, including:
- basic sketching
- identifying design processes
- identifying and selecting fibres and fabrics
- a limited range of product development processes such as basic pattern modification, machining, making and finishing of a simple garment and dyeing and printing techniques to produce Aboriginal textile designs.

I really just want to increase my sewing skills, be able to draft patterns better and get a little more sounds great to me.

It is not overly expensive, as we are a lower income family, the course fee is $51 and the fees for the specific course (Cert II) are an additional $135. I already have everything here that is required in terms of machines, threads etc, I am sure I will need to buy some fabric etc, but hey, I do that anyway ;).

I would actually prefer to do this at a TAFE, but it is not offered locally and I don't want to put my youngest in care yet. I think face to face teaching in this subject would be beneficial, there is the option to join in classes with prior notice but with a 4 hour drive to the campus its really not going to happen,

So thanks for reading my ramblings....not much sewing happening during the last month, its school holidays at the moment so things are fun at home, today we are gardening and doing laundry. I have a few things I want to sew, some shorts for DS#3, and a library bag for DD to take to school next year. I should start a project list.



Portabellopixie Gracie V-Neck Dress and Tiered Skirt - Size 6-12 mths

When I first received the Gracie pattern I tried out the tiered skirt and V-Neck Dress in size 6-12mths.

My sewing on the bodice of the dress leaves a lot to be desired. One side seam is a centimeter or more off from the skirt seam. The straps are different widths, and the front of the bodice (joining the straps) are different widths also.

The top stitching on the bodice is wonky, really wonky.....

.....but I love how it looks anyway. lol.

2The skirt surprised me, I thought it would be smaller as many of the portabellopixie patterns are said to run small, but my almost 5yo can still fit in it (it is quiet short though and only just fits in the hips).

I have made another of these skirts (in different fabric) to give to a family member for her birthday, she has turned 2 but is petite and I think this size would suit her better.

I have now used up all this fabric making my daughters birthday dress but just might see if there is any more on the quilting cotton clearance racks at spotlight next week.....the pink is just so romantic.



Portabellopixie Gracie Tiered Round Neck Dress - Size 6

My Daughter is turning 5 in a couple of weeks and I really wanted to sew her a nice dress, I chose the Gracie tiered dress with round neck.

I made it in a size 6 as she is quiet tall. I did a few things differently to the pattern instructions, of course, lol.

It fastens with snaps rather then buttons, the bodice is top stitched and has a fold over bias binding with isn't as clean lined as the way the pattern does it (I think it goes with the layered effect though).

I am planing on making DD a few more dresses, I would like to try the reversible jumper from this pattern and also am interested in sewing some of the dresses from the Claire pattern.....I just need a new overlocker that does a rolled hem.

My DH has told me just to buy a new overlocker, what a sweet heart, I am just trying to get my house in order first. A spring clean is in order before anymore sewing gets done.

Thanks for looking.



Welcome....Come Sew With Me

Welcome to my new blog "Come Sew With Me".

I am learning to sew (no lessons just trial and error), I find it fun and interesting, if a little frustrating at times. I plan on putting my crafty creations here, the successes and the failures ;)....things made from bought patterns and online tutes.

I will hopefully regularly update but with four young children my sewing time is limited, I hope you like what I show.

Sandi Henderson - PortabelloPixie Patterns

I like Sandi Hendersons PortabelloPixie patterns, I currently have "Claire" and "Gracie" and am tempted by the ruffle pants pattern. I have made a couple of things from these patterns and will blog a few of them over time.
The majority of her dresses are just so girly, all ruffles and soft lines. Her fabrics are gorgeous but I have not bought any of them.....yet ;).

The instructions to these patterns are sometimes wrong (or is it that I suck at reading instructions?) but the instruction books are very colourful with heaps of pictures. They are supposed to be for begineers but they can be quiet time consuming....lots of gathering in the skirts and the round neckline is a little fiddly (for me).

My old overlocker (serger) doesnt do a rolled hem so I am yet to try a few of the patterns as turn and topstitch just isn't the same.