DSi XL Roll Up Padded Case

DSi XL Roll up Padded Case

So what do you think? I love it, it's the first draft of my pattern so its not perfect but I am very happy that it turned out pretty much as I imagined. Here it is empty...

And here is from every other angle...


I used my KAM snap press for the closure. The fabric is Amy Butler Midwest Modern.


I used one fabric for the outer and inner main part, and another fabric for the flap and pockets. I used 200wt fleece for padding.


I needed to make the game pockets and pen holder a little tighter, they work but I would be more comfortable if everything was really snug.

Side View

I don't think when its all rolled up that there is much chance of things falling out but when opening it I feel the games could slip.

Thanks again to Tracy for the link to her DS Pouch, it was very helpful to see how you made yours. http://madquilter.blogspot.com/2009/02/nintendo-ds-pouch-tutorial.html



  1. Thats really nice! I just made one today a little like that. I used fleece for the padding too.
    NICE JOB!!

  2. This is Great. I plan to make two in the near future. I think i may use Velcro instead of buttons.

  3. Do you have a pattern for this?

  4. where can I get the pattern for this? I love it and have 2 girls with DS XL's that need cases :)

  5. This is exactly what I've been searching for!!! Any chance we could get a pattern or tutorial?! :-)