I bought some buttons from an online store called Jack O Bindi, they are self cover buttons and they are a lot of fun. I have made Christmas presents.....

Hair ties, I think 3 or 4 of these smaller pigtail sets will go to my husbands cousins little girl (the closest thing my kids have to a cousin). The rest.....I don't know, maybe a local market?

And fridge magnets. I really like these. I made sets of 4 and bought some little tins from the reject shop to put them in, a reasonably priced gift, that is handmade and practical....well I think anyway. 


Kitchen Tiles

I just realised I never put photos up of our new tiled splashback. Now it is nothing spectacular, in fact it is quiet plain, but it only cost us $40 which is great when you are on a super tight budget.

It looks great, well I think so, and it takes us one step closer to a finished kitchen.

The rangehood needs to be hooked up and the cover put on, a powerpoint needs installing and we are getting a built in microwave (when we can) to finish the oven tower unit. Oh and bar stools, we really need some bar stools. I really like white stools....I like the look of these and the wipe'ability of metal is appealing...

The price tags are not always as appealing.