I want to make...

I am living out my childhood fantasy of owning a Gameboy...well almost a Gameboy. Finally at the age of 30 I have bought myself a Nintendo DSi XL.

As child I wanted a Gameboy for years, I was desperate, every Christmas and birthday I asked for one...but I never got one.

My little sister got one, after she went overseas with our mum and her dad (big sis and I were teenagers and got left at home), I was seriously devastated and I obviously still have issues so please don't laugh ;).
I got 2 games with the unit, Toy Story 3 and James Cameron's Avatar. I have played both, and they are OK but would really like tetris, lol.

 I also got headphones, an extra stylus (so 3 all up), a USB charger (that is more design than function) and a plastic hard case.

I chose Bronze as when I laybyed it they only had that or burgandy.

I want to make a little bag for it so if I decide to take it places with me it wont get destroyed. Also I would like to keep all the accessories with it in one place.

I guess the requirements would be a firm fitting, padded bag with pockets for accessories. Also a little sleeve to store the games in, for such little games they come in pretty big cases, lol. Might start taking some measurements now.

ETA...and link from the beautiful Tracy who designed a pouch for her standard sized DS. She has a tutorial on her blog which will be a great starting point for me.



  1. Hayley I made this one
    It is for the older DS but it may be some inspiration to you on how to make one for your DSi

  2. That is fabulous Tracy, you are so talented!! You have definitely inspired me!