A Skirt for my Daughter

I wanted to sew something yesterday, I just had no idea what. So I sat down surrounded by my fabric boxes and sorted through looking for inspiration.

I came up with a few different solid coloured knits, some pretty wovens and an off cut of soft denim.

I drafted my own pattern, it simply has 2 rectangles and sews together easily.

The first was my attempt at a newborn skirt.....gosh its been a while since I had a newborn and the skirt ended a bit big. This one has a rolled hem and when I sewed the woven on I stretched the knit to meet the gathered woven to make it able to stretch more, iykwim.

The next I made for my 6yo Daughter, I love the combination of red, blue and white. For this one I didn't stretch the knit to meet the woven so it has less stretch in the waist area.

I added some buttons for decoration and TA-DA, a cute skirt. It really uses very little fabric so is quiet economical. Of course there are options for more tiers or simply a longer skirt section.

Thanks for reading.


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