Bunting - Getting started.

I am making my daughter some bunting for Christmas. I thought it would add some colour and fun to her room.
I decided on 25cm triangles, for no other reason than that I thought they would make a good size, lol. I made the pattern from a piece of paper (top right of the photo) and got cutting. I used my new CHEAP rotary cutter and not so cheap cutting mat.
(please excuse washed out flash photo)

After cutting the triangles (stack top left of photo) I was left with a few half triangles. I figured I would use those for my first try at making the bunting. So I matched them up, sewed them into larger triangles and then sewed two together (they are patterned front and back).

I only had enough for 5 double sided flags but despite my worries about it looking a bit too much, it actually looks OK (I think). I am not sure what I am going to use these five for as they are a little smaller than the others that I will be using (because of the centre seam). I still have to make some bias binding or buy some ribbon.....not sure wat I want to do yet.

I am planning to applique my daughters name on a few of the triangles, I am thinking that if I cut some denim and then applique with the Amy Butler fabric her name will stand out more. I think that will make it more personal and special for her.

I have a few days with 4 kids and no hubbie so I am not sure how much I will get done this weekend, but I plan on trying.



  1. Hayley, the colours are great! And yes I agree with the denim and then the letters it will really stand out. Denim won't be too heavy tho will it?
    Great work, your daughter is a lucky girl, can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. Hayley, this is going to look great, fantastic start.

  3. Thanks.

    The denim is very light weight so hopefully it should be OK :)