Portabellopixie Gracie V-Neck Top (Dress) - Size 3

I finally washed all the Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric that I bought, and what better way to first use it than to make a girly, frilly, dress.

A friends daughter turns 2 on the 6th of December, she had her party this weekend and I went to empty handed as I just didn't get the time to make anything, so I sat down yesterday and made this dress..................

A Portabellopixie Gracie V-Neck top/dress in a size 3 (she is tall for her age) and thought I might make some shorts for under it if I felt it was necessary.

I really like it, I lined up the trees for the top tier, and the flowers for the bottom......all was well in the world, until I had it all together and went.........hmmmmm......I don't think its going to fit.

So I thought, my 3y9mth old is short for his age, I will try it in him.........nope didn't even go over his head. OK OK, I will try it on my almost 21 mth was a bit of a squeeze to get it on but it went on and fit him well (just a little long in the shoulder straps).

The thing with this pattern is that it has no fastenings, it is made to go over the head but in all seriousness I don't think they tested the pattern . As with the child's arms over their head to get it on the bodice is not wide enough to fit over.

So anyway......I am I try to alter the straps so that the dress can be slipped on and then be fastened? Or gift it in the hope that it fits her? I don't think I want to gift it as is incase it is too small and never gets worn.

If I make this version of the Gracie pattern again I will be altering it to have fastenings on the back of the bodice or on the straps.


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  1. I just ordered this pattern, as well as the Claire pattern, and can't wait to get started on one for my soon-to-be 4-year-old daughter (we're adopting her from China soon)! I love the fabrics you used for this dress! Beautiful!