Upcycled Pants

I have had a few hours with just one child today, sadly that one child is sick but luckily he is somewhat happy enough to go on my back while I sew (for a little while anyway).I bought some clothes from the fill a bag for $2 rack at my local Samaritan store a while ago, I made sure I got a few pairs of large men's pants to make into shorts...or longer pants as these turned out.

The first pair, made from cotton cord with light weight cotton hem and pocket, are ummm.....dodgy. I added the green before I made them up which made the side seam sewing go all the way to the edge, iykwim. Not perfect and sewn with white thread as I have no navy thread and by black is MIA (I am sure I will find it later today). They fit my youngest, who is 19mths old as pants.

The second pair, made from light weight cotton and a men's dress shirt, are much better. I added the cuff at the end which is much nicer although still not perfect. The pocket, which was picked off the front of the shirt, looks great. These all fit as long pants, good for keeping the sun off, they will also fit my 3.5yo as long shorts.

The pattern is one that I have been working on......I am trying to draft a pattern that fits a wide range, say from 9 mths till 4 years.....very ambitious I know for an amateur but hey its fun (if a little frustrating).


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