TAFE - Applied Fashion Design and Technology

I am considering doing a certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology (following on to Cert. III) at TAFE next year....well technically not AT the TAFE, I would be doing it by correspondence.

From the course information:

This course is for people who want an introduction to basic design and development skills and knowledge to prepare them for work in a creative and production oriented environment within the fashion industry.
Depending on the electives selected, you will learn about different aspects of the fashion industry, including:
- basic sketching
- identifying design processes
- identifying and selecting fibres and fabrics
- a limited range of product development processes such as basic pattern modification, machining, making and finishing of a simple garment and dyeing and printing techniques to produce Aboriginal textile designs.

I really just want to increase my sewing skills, be able to draft patterns better and get a little more sounds great to me.

It is not overly expensive, as we are a lower income family, the course fee is $51 and the fees for the specific course (Cert II) are an additional $135. I already have everything here that is required in terms of machines, threads etc, I am sure I will need to buy some fabric etc, but hey, I do that anyway ;).

I would actually prefer to do this at a TAFE, but it is not offered locally and I don't want to put my youngest in care yet. I think face to face teaching in this subject would be beneficial, there is the option to join in classes with prior notice but with a 4 hour drive to the campus its really not going to happen,

So thanks for reading my ramblings....not much sewing happening during the last month, its school holidays at the moment so things are fun at home, today we are gardening and doing laundry. I have a few things I want to sew, some shorts for DS#3, and a library bag for DD to take to school next year. I should start a project list.


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