Sandi Henderson - PortabelloPixie Patterns

I like Sandi Hendersons PortabelloPixie patterns, I currently have "Claire" and "Gracie" and am tempted by the ruffle pants pattern. I have made a couple of things from these patterns and will blog a few of them over time.
The majority of her dresses are just so girly, all ruffles and soft lines. Her fabrics are gorgeous but I have not bought any of them.....yet ;).

The instructions to these patterns are sometimes wrong (or is it that I suck at reading instructions?) but the instruction books are very colourful with heaps of pictures. They are supposed to be for begineers but they can be quiet time consuming....lots of gathering in the skirts and the round neckline is a little fiddly (for me).

My old overlocker (serger) doesnt do a rolled hem so I am yet to try a few of the patterns as turn and topstitch just isn't the same.

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